The popularity of CBD oil is increasing day by day. Its medical benefits in treating various health issues have brought more and more people towards it. It helps to relax your pain, anxiety, fight depression, stimulates appetite and much more. But still, the CBD legal status is under question in many states. Because of special regulations set at the state and federal level, people in many countries do not get the benefits of CBD. So we decided to let you know the Legal status of CBD and what are the different regulations that are there in Legality of CBD.

The law that legalizes CBD is different from state to state. The CBD legal status depends on various factors that are determined by the state.
The most critical factor that determines the legality of CBD is whether the CBD is derived from hemp or marijuana.

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all the 50 states. The reason behind this is the non-psychoactive nature CBD. CBD derived from Hemp is non-psychoactive as it does not make you high. Whereas Marijuana derived, CBD products are not entirely legal. Since this CBD is extracted from marijuana that is rich in THC. THC is a cannabinoid that tends to make one high. Marijuana may contain up to 30 percent of THC while hemp contains 0.3% THC which does not make you high.

States Where CBD Is Completely Legal

CBD Legal Status
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There are in total of eight countries where the Cannabis plant with both Marijuana and Hemp is completely legal. This means that you can use Cannabis for medical as well as for recreational purposes in these states.
Their states are California, Alaska, Massachusets, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Maine.

Legal For Medical Use Only

CBD Legal Status
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So far the legal status of CBD cannot be considered as giving benefits to people all around the world. So far by 2018, CBD is legal in 48 states with a medical prescription including the above eight states. Here you can use CBD only for medicinal purposes and that too only with an order. The law of CBD usage in these states varies from state to state. There are 17 states where there are specific laws for CBD according to the THC-levels found and the conditions that CBD treat.
In the other 29 states, CBD is completely legal to be used for medicinal purposes, and there are no such regulations. You must have a proper prescription issued by a certified doctor to use CBD in these states.


There are still four states where CBD is illegal. These include Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.
As the benefits of CBD is growing widespread states are recognizing the need to make it legal. But a lot needs to be done in this regard. I hope this article gave you some information about the CBD Legality in various states. Thanks for reading.

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