The long spell of icy mornings is finally over. After a long wait, it’s time to do sun worshipping. You head towards the beach for a sunbath. Out of excitement, you forget to put the sun cream. Now, all the goodies of sunshine instantly convert into painful sunburns.

Fortunately, if you get a mild sunburn your skin will turn red to make you feel itchy and irritating. But a chronic one can be a little scary. With peeling of your skin, you may experience swelling and your skin may also get dehydrated so you need to overcome this problem as fast as you can.

Here’s a quick guide to sunburns – what happens in a sunburn actually, how to treat it and how CBD oil can help with sunburn. Let us know more about CBD For Sunburn further in the article:

What Happens to Your Skin in Sunburn? || CBD For Sunburn

CBD For Sunburn
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You may have a dark skin tone or a light one. The color of your skin is actually decided by the amount of melanin in your skin. It depends upon your genetics how much your skin produces melanin so someone with a dark skin tone will produce more melanin and vice versa.

When your skin is exposed too much to the sun rays, the natural mechanism of your body tries to protect it from harmful UV rays. For this skin’s receptors produce more melanin. A little long exposure can cause sunburns in which your skin doesn’t get enough time to react. Overexposure to radiation causes apoptosis or skin cell suicide. To heal this condition, your body reacts by surrounding the affected area with blood. It is why you see reddishness on your skin.

How to Treat a Sunburn?

You need to keep your skin moisturized to cut down the lifespan of sunburn. In dehydrated skin, the dead skin flake causes pain and eventually peel off, so it needs moisture to heal fast.

How CBD Can Help in Sunburn?

CBD For Sunburn
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CBD is a natural product. There are no harmful chemicals present in it so you won’t find any side effects associated with it. There are many benefits of using CBD for your sunburns.

Let’s have a look at them on the benefits of CBD For Sunburn one by one:


Anti Inflammatory CBD causes speedy recovery

When you apply CBD topically, it interacts with the receptors that cause pain and inflammation in your body. Since CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory agent you can expect a speedy recovery with reduced painful sensation in sunburns.

CBD conditions and moisturizes to heal sunburn fast

CBD For Sunburn
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CBD contains skin-friendly omega 3, omega 6 and linoleic acid. These essential fatty acids keep your skin healthy by conditioning it so when an undesired event like sunburn occurs, these useful compounds come for the rescue by reducing inflammation, hydrating your skin and helps you a speedy recovery.

CBD may provide relief from itching

CBD For Sunburn
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Dry skin causes itching. When you use CBD oil to moisturize your skin, it battles quite smartly with dermatitis giving you relief from itching. Being a natural product, you don’t have to worry about the side effects associated with chemical-based formulations.

Conclusion On CBD For Sunburn

You see there are so many skin-friendly advantages linked to the use of CBD oil in sunburns. It can be a great remedy to heal, moisturize, reduce pain and ultimately make your skin return to its normal state. The key is to apply sun protection cream and not to have sunburns at all, but in case you have got it, use hemp derived CBD oil for a faster recovery.

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