Unless you feel pain, you may never think about your shoulder labrum. This thick tissue band envelops your shoulder socket and maintains the stability of your shoulder joint. There are various types of labrum tears. A SLAP tear of labrum occurs in a particular area and causes injury to the shoulder labrum. This can cause you pain and experience lessening of shoulder strength and may also affect your range of movement. Thankfully, the phytocannabinoid CBD can provide relief to this condition though it’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bone healing, and tissue repair properties.

What Comprises A SLAP Tear?

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The labrum consists of a powerful, fibrous tissue or cartilage ring that surrounds and upholds the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. The humeral head, or ball, of the shoulder joint, is much bigger than the glenoid socket, which leads to instability. The enclosing labrum functions as a bumper to offer extra stability and comprises the attachment point to major ligaments. The biceps tendon also joins to the top of the labrum.

A SLAP tear happens in the top or superior, the front or anterior, and rear or posterior of the site where the tendon of biceps joins to the labrum. SLAP denotes an acronym of Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior.

Causes Of SLAP Tear

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A SLAP tear may result from trauma or overuse. Athletes engaged in sports that involve repeated overhead activities are especially vulnerable to acquire this condition. Falling upon an outstretched arm, motor vehicle mishaps, or forceful arm pulling can also lead to a labral tear. A tear can also be caused by shoulder dislocations, predominantly to the front (anterior) or rear (posterior) of this structure. Sustained degenerative shredding of the labrum is generally observed in patients above 40 years of age and is frequently seen in conjunction with other conditions like rotator cuff tears.

Symptoms Of SLAP Tear

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The popular symptoms of a SLAP tear resemble various other shoulder problems. They comprise:

  • A sensation of popping, catching, locking, or grinding
  • Reduction in shoulder strength
  • Pain with shoulder movements or while placing the shoulder in particular positions
  • Pain while lifting objects, particularly overhead
  • A feeling that the shoulder is about to stick out of joint
  • Pitchers may witness a reduction in their throw speed or the sensation of carrying a “dead arm” following pitching
  • Reduced range of motion

How CBD Can Assist With SLAP Tear

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CBD can aid to mitigate the symptoms Of SLAP tear including pain, inflammation, and cartilage or tissue tear in the following ways:

Restricts Breakdown Of Cartilage

Scientists have discovered that cannabinoids like CBD aids to stop the development of conditions like osteoarthritis and SLAP tear by restricting a protease enzyme linked with the degradation of joint cartilage. With time, there is a breakdown of cartilage between joints leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness. Researchers found out that CBD effectively restricted the activity of the metalloproteinase group that contributes to the breakdown of cartilage and the progression of SLAP tear and osteoarthritis. Thereby CBD protects cartilage cells and prolonged the joint space narrowing linked with arthritis. Further, the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties of CBD can help to lower joint pain and damage.

Supports Rapid Tissue Healing

CBD contains the gel-like structure collagen that surrounds and holds our bones together and enables us to move without pain. Collagen is packed with amino acids like glycine that aids in muscle tissue build-up by altering glucose to the energy that nourishes muscle cells. The latest study has revealed the power of collagen in healing osteoarthritis, joint pain, SLAP tear, and ligament and tendon stiffness. Collagen aids in forming and developing tissue all over the body apart from reducing inflammation within tender joints.

Helps To Curb Pain

CBD halts the reuptake and breakdown of the chemical anandamide, also termed the bliss hormone that serves to regulate pain. Anandamide under the influence of CBD circulates easily within the bloodstream and lessens the feeling of pain in an individual. CBD also communicates with the regions of your brain that involve pain response like the hypothalamus that also contains cannabinoid receptors.

Furthermore, researches have also indicated that CBD interacts with the immune mechanism and also the brain receptors. These receptors accept a series of chemical impulses from stimuli and assist your body cells to respond to these impulses. The cannabinoid receptors on responding to CBD, produce an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to relieve pain.

Moreover, CBD can also attach itself to the vanilloid receptor that regulates pain sensation and thus controls the functioning of the vanilloid in lowering pain sensitivity.

By Reducing Inflammation

CBD aids to lower inflammation caused by SLAP tear by raising the endocannabinoid 2-AG. This endocannabinoid attaches to the CB2 receptors and informs the brain cell to halt dispatching so many attack immune cells without affecting your healing capacity.

The inflammation-lowering feature of CBD is attained through diverse pathways like induction of apoptosis in stimulated immune cells, restriction of chemokines and cytokines at sites of inflammation apart from upregulation of T cells that perform a role in the process of inflammation.

Conclusion On CBD For SLAP Tear

The anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties of CBD make it effective in treating acute pain caused by SLAP tear. Further, its ability to limit the breakdown of cartilage and promote faster tissue healing goes a long way in coping with the condition of a SLAP tear. Moreover, the absence of intoxication and side effects has made CBD a safe alternative for treating various conditions in comparison to Opioids which is physically as well as mentally addictive.

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