CBD for sunburn

Can CBD Oil Help With Sunburn?

The long spell of icy mornings is finally over. After a long wait, it’s the time to do sun worshipping. You head towards the beach for a sunbath. Out of the excitement, you forget to put the sun cream. Now, all the goodies of sunshine instantly convert into painful sunburns. Fortunately, if you get a […]

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Know About CBN

All You Need To Know About CBN

Research shows that there are 113 different variations of cannabinoids . In which CBD and THC are the most active compounds present in the cannabis plant. They both come with many useful medical benefits when they are extracted. There is one such compound named “CBN” which comes with many medical benefits. This article is for […]

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CBD In Coconut Oil

CBD In Coconut Oil: A Popular Infusion

Cannabidiol(CBD) is itself a pure, natural remedy to treat various health issues. It is extracted from cannabis and derived from the hemp plant. CBD is not psychoactive and THC free, so there is no risk of getting high after using CBD. As holding the plenty of medical benefits it is getting high popularity these days. […]

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